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Improve the navigation of your Magento website in one go with AJAX Layer Pro that makes the layered navigation more fluent and efficient.

Improve your layered navigation with AJAX Layer Pro

Completely configure your filters

  • Enable the price slider and the category tree
  • Use multiple filters on the same attribute
  • Enable the AJAX navigation

Customize the display of your filters in the front end

  • Dispatch and add filters wherever you want: left, top, right
  • Display attributes as labels or dropdowns

Use optimized keywords

  • Enable the display of SEO keywords in the URLs
  • Automatically generate keywords

Enjoy a fully compatible extension

  • Use the AJAX Layer Pro with any theme
  • Configure the extension for a multi-store website
  • Use the Elasticsearch extension without compatibility issues

14th June 2019

Great layered navigation

The bubble layer pro has been our favourite layered nav extension for years in Magento 1. Never had any trouble installing or other url / SEO issues we've seen with many others.

30th June 2016


Simple, lightweight - it's great.
Recommended here https://www.sonassi.com/blog/quick-magento-performance-wins
& used in this theme https://polarcore.io/ which is based on Google's Material Design.
I had initially purchased an alternative module to test, but quite quickly realised this was the best choice for us.


5th November 2015

Simply Works!

After years of trying other Layered Nav extensions and being frustrated at the amount of configuration required, it is a delight to find an extension that can just be installed and within a minute or two it is up and running.
There is not a lot of features to this extension, but in my opinion that is what makes it so great. Just install, configure the few options there are and you're done.
I also found it extremely helpful that each filter works in isolation so you are free to place each filter where you want it - you don't have to have all the filters in one block down the side of the page!
Lastly, as a developer myself, I salute Johann for showing his code for all to see. Far too many extensions are developed via outsourcing and are badly coded. It's clear from this extension that Johann is a very good, experienced coder and takes pride in his work. This extension is a compliment to that.


30th January 2014

Great extension and very good support

Installed and works fine. If you have any questions or issues feel free and contact the very good support.
I can recommend this extension.

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