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Associate images to your product attributes and options with Attribute Option Pro and display these images in your layered navigation. Easily sort options via drag & drop or alphabetically!

Associate images to your product attributes and options!

Display icons in your layered navigation

  • Associate an image with your product attributes
  • Give each attribute option 1 or 2 images

Easily manage the attribute options

  • Sort options via drag & drop or alphabetically
  • Hide store columns of your choice

30th June 2016


So useful & essential to our store.
Thank you Johann.


16th March 2016

great extension and excellent support

I bought this extension because I needed some labels images for my products.
The extension works very well and the support is excellent: they resolved my issue the same day I asked.
Thank you!


20th May 2015

Awesome extension and support

I am very happy with my purchase, I needed a custom change and Johann was really quick to help me out and make the change at a great price.
Strongly recommeneded!


6th March 2015

Great Extension and Even Better Support

I purchased this plugin to show specific attribute icons on my product page. I am able to put the images of the icons exactly where I want them to show up and they are very easy to add or modify within Magento. Johann was there every step along the way for any questions I had and the plugin works perfectly. I definitely recommend this plugin for the strong functionality and support you will receive.


7th January 2015

Well done! Great support!

I purchased this module a few months back and Johann helped me integrate it into my custom theme.
Unfortunently my server crasched and the Magento installation got lost. But Johann once more help me with integrating the module - without any questions asked.
I can really recommend this company since there products are of good quality and the support is excellent!
Keep up the good work! :)


27th November 2014

Fantastic extension and great support!

I purchased this extension to show attribute images on product page.. but I didn't want to show the images in the layered navigation menu. Support replied immediately and made this modification for us free of charge.
A few months after the purchase I accidently override some of the coding for this modification. I contact support.. and they helped me as good and fast as they did the first time.
Difference with other extensions is that you can also apply images to the attributes itself, not only to the attribute options. It is very flexible and what I mentioned before, their support is great!
Ps. I installed it on Magento CE


28th July 2014

Excellent extension works as described

Bought this because we run a gamestore and I needed icons images.
Had some issues ,but the support is great and everything works well now.


10th May 2014

An extremely useful extension

I bought this extension for the purpose of showing an image for a specific attribute in my layered navigation, and it works just fine. However, it has a slight conflict with Catalin SEO's layered navigation extension, and I thought it wouldn't work anymore.
Good thing the developer of this extension is really supportive and he modified a third party extension to make it work with this extension. Now it works in my site without any conflicts.
Another great thing with this extension is you can optionally not use it in the product catalog page. By default, this is enabled in the layered navigation and product catalog view, but you can just remove the product catalog view if you don't want to use it, or just remove the layered navigation filter, or use both.
Other extensions that I've used doesn't allow you to do this easily. This extension is different from the other extensions that I've tried. It's really flexible and the support is top-notch.
Others charge for a theme modification to make it work with a custom theme, but BubbleCode did it for free! You won't be disappointed if you but this one, and that's for sure. :)


9th September 2013

Very simple and useful extension

Simple installation and configuration. Great developer support. Does exactly what described.


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