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Gérez facilement vos pages CMS telle une structure arborescente avec l'extension CMS Tree. Définissez des permissions selon les groupes de clients et créez des redirections permanentes d'URL.

Gérez complètement l'arborescence de vos pages avec CMS Tree !

Organisez vos pages dans une arborescence

  • Créez des catégories et une infinité de sous-catégories de vos pages CMS
  • Bénéficiez de l'option drag and drop pour glisser vos pages
  • Dupliquez vos pages d'un magasin à un autre

Donnez de l'importance à l'affichage du frontend

  • Ajoutez vos pages à la barre du menu
  • Générez automatiquement le fil d'Ariane
  • Créez des redirections permanentes automatiques
  • Utilisez un widget afin d'afficher les pages descendantes simplement

Définissez des permissions pour vos pages

  • Supprimez l'accès à des pages CMS pour des groupes de clients spécifiques

Versionnez vos pages

  • Restaurez les anciennes versions de vos pages
  • Ayez un aperçu de vos pages avant de les sauvegarder

23rd January 2020

This module has been working for years now

We are using the CMS Tree module for magento 1 now for many years without having any problems / issues.

pauldev22 - User for more than 8 years |Magento 1

5th March 2019

Fantastic Plugin!

Use this plugin on multiple sites and works as expected.

Rich - Ecommerce Agency - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1

7th April 2018

The content management system Magento forgot

I have been using CMSTree by Wyomind for over three years and it has been indispensable. The stock content management features of Magento are so lacking and unintuitive, especially in a multi-store environment. CMSTree fixes all of this and then some, with handy features like versioning and one-click adding CMS pages to header menu.

12th May 2017

Should be part of the core

Really impressed with this module and with Wyomind too. Module well written and works exactly as described. I agree with the other comments, the four parts to this module, namely;
1) The drag and drop tree
2) Easily including CMS pages in navigation
3) Restricting CMS pages by customer group
4) The revision system
should be part of the core functionality as the default CMS management system is severely lacking.
Very professional setup with the Wyomind support ticketing system and licencing. Support lightning quick and helpful. Great experience buying this, if buying all 3rd Magento modules was like this then being a Magento developer would be a whole lot easier. Top marks.

Robbie D

21st March 2017

Nice Extension!

I absolutely can recommend this extension. I used it for several projects now and I really like it. Its easy to install and use and It suits all our requirements when talking about CMS structures and permission management for Magentos relatively pure CMS features. On negative point is only the encrypted source code, which makes it difficult to extend or reuse the functionality in own modules. That's why I refuse to a five star rating.

Bravehartk2 - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1

13th August 2014

An absolute necessity for painless cms management

I could write a novel on the advantages but just the ability of having CodeMirror in the text areas of Pages and Blocks, Versioning, that the Include in menu works out of the box for the new CE 1.9 rwd theme and for the bootstrap magento implementation I tend to prefer are enough to buy this for every new project!
In addition the developer answers quickly and is open to suggested improvements.
Quite simply a no brainer!
(btw I'm on CE but it's not available as a choice)

Peter Svegrup

3rd August 2014

I like this extension

Excelent extension to manage CMS pages. Function perfectly, did not come across of any issues. Working seamlesly with other extensions without any conflicts


28th July 2014

Decent Nested Set Plugin

This plugin is pretty good. Overall it functions as described and makes for a much more useful CMS.
There are a couple things I take issue with though:
1. For "root" level pages the url_key is left blank. This makes perfect sense given that you want the page to map to The only issue is that Magento adds CSS classes derived from the URL key so you get an ugly "cms-" class on your body. Luckily for me I already had an observer set up to add some addtional class names and html5 data attributes so it was only a couple lines of code to remove this class. IMO you should still be able to enter and store a url_key for your root level tree node - it should just be somehow ignored as far as routing is concerned.
2. Not sure if i did something wrong, if its a bug, or if its "working as designed" but each store view gets a default root meaning that you must duplicate your root page across your store views. This actually makes sense given how nested sets are normally implemented, but it would be nice if whatever fallback mechanism was used for the rest of the tree also applied to the root, though I can see the complexity there and realize using the exact same home page across store views might be a bit of an edge case.
3. When first installed it fails to map the home page to the root node and places it under the root. Not a big deal if you realize this is what happened, but it took me a good 45 minutes to make that realization and then copy the settings for the page over to the root node.
Not I haven't left a rating for "support" because I have not opened any tickets on this extension.


12th March 2014

Worthwhile stepping up to PRO version

Though we are experienced developers on other platforms, we are just entering the Magento world.
BubbleCode's CMS Tree is one of the first paid extensions we have installed.
The developer support during installation was excellent and we got our questions answered promptly and clearly.
We also opted for the PRO upgrade on the extension, and the purpose of my review is to recommend this.
There are two key features offered here, that we always install on our Joomla developments and were missing greatly on this new platform project.
1. Version tracking on the pages. This may not seem so critical when you first install, but I promise that 6-12 months down the road you will be certain that this feature alone was worth the price of admission!
2. Preview of the page you are working on. Again something I am very used to having and a HUGE time saver over finding/creating a link simply to look at what you are building.
Good job Johann. And thank you.


21st February 2014

Ease administrative burden when using multi-store

This extension is the missing functionality that makes managing content pages in Magento effortless.
I run a multi-store so the benefit of not only showing my page hierarchy per store but dividing content up between stores takes the guess work out of arranging my static pages.
Top class extension and excellent support from the developer. Regular releases and fast email replies.


23rd January 2014

Very Helpful.

Magento NEEDS to merge this extensions into it's core and release it immediately. Very simple to use and not too difficult to extend to suit our needs. A mist have for any site that do anything more than just sell products.


21st January 2014

Nice extension

I needed a decent way to handle the CMS area of Magento. This extension works nicely out of the box and the features all work as expected.


24th December 2013

Just what you need

I had some useful info pages in my store before migration, and was sad that there is no way to organize them in Magento CE.
CMS Tree extension did what I need - more simple and intuitive than system used in my Zen Cart store before.
I had some problems with installation being a new user of magento, but BubbleCode's support was outstanding - all issue are resolved quickly.
Just want to advice anyone, especially new users - disable cache and compilter before installing any extensions. This will save you lot of time :-)


6th September 2013

This Extension is Amazing

I'm using this on every install of Magento moving forward. It GREATLY simplifies the process of creating and organizing CMS pages, and the developer provides quick and efficient support.


20th August 2013

Great extension, great support!

It was surprising to find that Magento CE has not even basic page hierarchy support. Appreciate it's a store but most stores also have a selection of page content!
CMS Tree has and is proving to be extremely useful. Not only does it provde simple to manage support for page hierarchy, the pro version also includes page versioning and a proper HTML edtor that makes managing the more complex pages much easier. No more working in an IDE and pasting into Magento!
As for support - excellent! There was initially an issue with compatibility with the theme I'm using, but the developer was on the case within hours and came up with a fix. This level of support is really appreciated.
So go ahead - get it and stop messing about with kludges to get a semblence of CMS support in Magento CE!


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