Full Page Cache

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Considerably increase the speed of your Magento store with the Full Page Cache extension.

Make your Magento store 10x faster with Full Page Cache!

Drastically decrease pages loading time

  • Cache all categories, products, catalog search, sitemaps, and CMS pages
  • Increase SEO rating

Completely manage your cache

  • Generate cache directly from your Magento admin and via command lines
  • Define a cache lifetime
  • Choose an adapted backend for cache storage (Memcached, Redis, APC, MySQL, filesystem)
  • Pre-warm cache from your Magento admin or PHP script (can be added as cron)

Use Full Page Cache in one go

  • Don't use any Varnish or reverse proxy
  • Save disk space with the content compression
  • Enjoy the AJAX requests caching and AJAX blocks for dynamic content

Enjoy a fully compatible extension

  • Enable cache for multi-domains, stores, currencies, languages, customer groups
  • Compatible with the default Magento caches, Magento compilation, APC
  • Compatible with design exceptions

13th September 2019

Top Full Page Cache

Speed up ower Shop 4 Times Wow.

3rd February 2018

Really good extension !

The Extension is rellay effective and my Piercing Inline Shop is now very Fast . Google likes that and i have a better Ranking for my Keywords now;-) The Support is already very fast ! Thank you really much

29th June 2017

Best support and works great

The FPC works great and the small issue was fixed within minutes from the support. Compare to other FPC, the price is cheap. We compared it with other FPC and we did not find a dramatic difference to the more expensive once. Of course a big part of the performance is the hosting / server too, so there is always a failure while measuring it. Anyhow, I would always recommend this extension to others, not only because it works great, as well because of the outperforming support..

26th January 2017

Perfect functions and great support

Perfect FPC Extension for Magento. One small issue on beginning but very fast fix from support. Great Extension!

Marc - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1

11th May 2016

Cheap but works Expensively

One of the best FPC extensions out there. It will really make your Magento site faster, not just 10x, but 20x, or more. It's easy to install and works without problems.
Just got a small issue if you're using a different theme for mobile. It also caches the mobile template. So if you visit your site on mobile, then you visit your site in the desktop, you will see the mobile version of your website.
Anyway, it's an old school method of serving mobile pages to visitors. Now, most of the e-commerce sites are using a responsive Magento theme, so this won't be an issue at all.
The support is also top notch. Johann will never let you down and will fix whatever issue you have after you purchased and install this extension. So if you're thinking twice why it's so cheap compared to Amasty's or Fishpig's FPC, don't be skeptical about BubbleShop's FPC, because it really works like the expensive once. Maybe even better.
The only downside with this extension is you need to modify one file in order to make it work. You need to include the fpc.php file to your index.php so that this extension will work. Overall, this is a really nice extension that will surely speed up your Magento site.
Currently using it in a Magento website.


10th September 2015

Glad to write about an extension & support that really works!

I will only write a review where one is deserved as I'm too busy otherwise.
- the time they have taken to get this working properly in our multi site deserves my time to write this.
pages were very slow before as we have many extensions in many subsites... it now rips along.
would only recommend this full page cache out of all i've tried


29th July 2014

Very well FPC with great load times and very easy integration

We use it in a Magento with 2 Storeviews and it works perfectly.
The integration into Magento was very easy, install module, include file into the index.php and you're done.
The code was very clean and easy to expand, so you're able to extend it for your own needs.
I've written a module to be able to load every dynamic block via Ajax, so we are able to cache a lot of actions even if there is dynamic content on page.
Our page load time is between 40ms and 80ms!!!
The support is great! I've written an e-mail with a question and the response was very fast!
Thank you for this great extension.


28th July 2014

Works GREAT!

I used Varnish before this, and I was having issues with a slow website when people were logged in. I no longer have issues with that. I had looked at several other FPC and I chose this one because of the other reviews.


28th July 2014

Great speed improvement

This makes a nice speed improvement on the website. After messing around with a few others that just didn't work or caused major problems we bought this and paid the installation. It was completed within a few hours of buying and has worked perfectly since. An automatic cache crawl would be nice, but its easy enough to click 2 buttons :) Highly recommend.


28th July 2014

Must have Extension!

The Cache Tool is my favorite under the many different cache extensions.
Easy install and the updates comes free. Support fast and uncomplicated.
What do you want more!


28th July 2014

Speed up website with this FPC

We've tried several extensions but this one is the best performing one.
We had some minor problems beacause we host Magento on a windows environment.
The problem was picked up very fast! The solution was ready within a few hours!
I recommend this extension (and developer) to everybody.
Eric-Jan de Wolf


21st April 2014

The cool module FPC!

I purchased this extension, and I can tell you that this is the best I've seen FPC.
I have tried many different extensions and pay all free tried . But this extension is worthy of respect . It is the best! Easy and simple to configure, support answers quickly , even for me the developer has developed a new functional. And the most important thing is that the module is uncoded , and is a huge plus , because in the future you will be able to make small changes . And all this evil coded modules , buyers depend on developers. In short I am very happy that I paid the money , this unit is more expensive. He increased the speed of my site 2 times ! And it's cool!


21st February 2014

Number one upgrade for any Magento store owner

My store is now usable for a reasonable amount of traffic on a shared hosting plan. I was drawn to this one in particular as the code is open and does not rely on DRM.
Lightning quick load times ? would recommend.


21st January 2014

A strong set of extensions

I have purchased a few of these extensions for clients and found them to be strong set of extensions. I recommend usage.


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