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Modernize your Magento back-office in one click and choose among a couple of themes such as a flat orange design. Easily rollback to the default theme.

Give your Magento admin a fresh new look!

Transform your admin theme in one go

  • Choose among a couple of themes
  • Switch theme from the admin footer
  • Get back to the default theme easily


The Admin Theme extension is very simple to use. It will allow you to change your Magento back-office design in one go.

In System > Configuration > Wyomind > Admin Theme, you have the possibility to choose the theme you prefer.

You have the choice between several themes:

- Magento Go


- Magento 2

- Flat Gray

- Flat Blue

- Flat Orange

Your login page will also be customized according to the theme you've selected.

Finally, you can easily switch from one theme to another at the bottom of your Magento back-office:

Magento® Community Edition

Magento® Enterprise Edition

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