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Easily debug any Magento page by adding a simple query parameter at the end of your urls.

Easily debug your Magento frontend pages!

Get a live report on each page

  • Display rendered blocks as a tree
  • Display blocks execution time
  • Count SQL queries per template
  • Display all executed SQL queries
  • View SQL queries stack trace (where does the query come from?)
  • Enable permanent debugging


Default Magento profiler is not efficient enough for debugging rendered blocks and executed SQL queries of a page.

Debug is a simple extension that displays useful information at the bottom of the page.

Once installed, go to a frontend page and add ?debug=1 parameter at the end of the URL.

You'll get a debugging report at the bottom.

This report will display the rendered blocks and all linked data as a tree structure.

You'll also be able to get the list of all SQL queries.

Finally, you can enable a permanent debugging by adding ?debug=perm at the end of the url, that will create a cookie.

Magento® Community Edition

    Magento® Enterprise Edition

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