Dynamic Category


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The Dynamic Category extension allows you to dynamically associate products to categories according to your product attributes and to special conditions.

Dynamically associate products to categories with Dynamic Category!

Manage matching products with ease

  • Preview matching products while creating the conditions
  • Dynamically retrieve category products

Define your own conditions in one go

  • Assign products to a category depending on product attributes
  • Use special conditions to retrieve discounted or new products
  • Import conditions from other categories

Easily index matching products

  • Manually refresh matching products
  • Automatically refresh matching products via cron task

Saves us massive amounts of time - I cannot fault the product

Ive used the dynamic category extension for a long time now and I would not use anything else - it allows me to automate tens of thousands of products. Thank you!


2nd August 2018

Very useful extension

This module is very easy to install, no problems at all. Once it is setup, it saves you a lot of time. It is definitely worth the money!

Jan - https://www.friseurscheren.info/

29th June 2018

A extension which saves you hours of work

Very easy to use extension. Just add a filter of attributes to the categories and the extension does the rest! And when something is wrong, just contact the guys at support and they will help you very fast. Response time most times within 15 minutes!

Ronny - http://www.kidsdepartment.nl

6th January 2018

must have

Makes my life easier. Worth of its money.

Alexander - http://ettage.com

10th November 2017

Very good extensions and helpful support.

Very good extensions and helpful support.

Clicks Online Business - https://www.clicks.de

15th September 2017

Perfect tool for me, excellent support!

Perfect extension, it helped me so much. Easy to use and the support answers after 5 minutes.


20th July 2017

Greatest magento tool ever!!!

* Really does what it says. Really helped us with time, integrity and correct many mistakes we have made with products on wrong categories when we assigned them manually.
* Easy ang bug-free to install (Magento 1.9.1 version)
* Great support and communication.
* Really and strongly suggest for this affordable extension


7th January 2017

Life saving, Hundreds of Hour Saving

Listen you have to get this module and I will tell you why! First of When you have thousands of product on your site there are going to be Thousands of keywords you're going to rank for and as such you need to have really well designed landing pages for these keywords with the appropriate products listed there! The pros that I have seen with this extension 1. Its better that any splash page/Landing page extension out there. Reason being you have total control of the Meta data that is added to these pages From title to tags and you can beautify the category pages with it. 2. The module not only add the product dynamically to the desired category but it also update the category attribute in the product itself. So if you have an export module you can export the products based on the category this extension dynamically created 3. once the criteria you used to add it to the category changes then the extension updates the category attributes of the affected products. 4. you can use a ton of conditions for almost all of your attributes, is, less than, greater my favorite (contains) and much more. I don't even know what else to say about this extension ( but It is a solid extension, the most though through extension for Magento since Magento itself) Oh Yeah the have a killer Support team. I mean Killer send them an email now go outside come back in and you will see a response from them! Need I say more?

Jerome Ricketts

15th December 2016

Serious Time Saver

This is a revolution! Rules based category population. Want everything over $x, with red in the title, added in the last 90 days? Boom. Much more besides! Makes populating categories so fast.


5th August 2016


If you're unsure whether to purchase this, I'd say go for it!
It's a delight - so glad we found it and this developer.


30th June 2016


Installation was nothing more that unzipping into the root folder and then flushing the caché.
The product is amazing, we had to create categories that could "search" keywords in the products. setup time was 15 minutes, no errors on magento


22nd April 2016

No longer while I waste hours with categorization!

This extension was easy to install for a rookie, and worked right away.
I had a of snag with the settings on a main subcategory, after a quick email with the developer they suggested it was the Anchor tag being turned on which caused it, upon turning it off it worked a treat.
The communication is strong and the extension works a treat.
Maybe even best of all,the developer offers an array handy free extensions as well.
10/10 will likely buy from again.


7th October 2015

Great performance w/ 10k+ products

Works like a charm also with 10k+ products.
In earlier versions this extension only kind of virtually added the products to the categories, breaking compatibility with other extensions which required categories to be assigned to products the Magento native way (e.g. auto-related products based on the same category or multiple breadcrumb paths extension).
But with the v2 release products are really added to the category, making it the perfect extension for categorizing imports from large product feeds.
Thanks to the indexing in the background so far performance isn't an issue.


24th August 2015

Create dynamic categories fast and easy

Great extension to create dynamic categories fast and easy.
Has many basic features and extra advanced filters to suit your needs.
Some advanced filters may be added later. Maybe also with the ability to combine manual added and dynamic products in 1 collection
Great work. And great to work with! Thanks Johan


12th June 2015

essential extension for organising product with many category entries

This extension was the cheapest but most powerful and essential extension we use on our Magento stores. The solution is incredibly simple for assigning products dynamically to their categories based on specific attribute values. Should be a core feature of Magento.


28th July 2014

Does exactly what it needs to

I needed a category on my website to display products within a specific price range, this did exactly that and more, for 29 dollars the time saving is so worth it! also saw a very similar extension at a much higher price that does the same features as this one.


16th May 2014

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