Admin Tools - Magento Extensions by Bubbleshop

  • Dynamic Category

    Dynamic Category

    The Dynamic Category extension allows you to dynamically associate products to categories according to your product attributes and to special conditions.
  • Admin Theme

    Admin Theme

    Modernize your Magento back-office in one click and choose among a couple of themes such as a flat orange design. Easily rollback to the default theme.
  • Stock Movements

    Stock Movements

    Keep a track of all the stock changes for each product with the Stock Movements extension for Magento.
  • Syntax Highlighting

    Syntax Highlighting

    The Syntax Highlighting extension allows you to colorize and so to accentuate the HTML syntax on every WYSIWYG editors of your Magento admin.
  • Product Attachments

    Product Attachments

    Attach files to any kind of product and make links automatically available on product page with File Attachments. The extension is especially useful for product documentation and user guides.
  • Free Downloads

    Free Downloads

    Allow your customers to download free products directly without having to add them to the cart with the Free Downloads extension for Magento.
  • Slideshow


    The Slideshow extension allows you to add highly customizable slideshows anywhere in your Magento store.
  • Log Downloads

    Log Downloads

    Log your products downloads in your Magento admin panel with the Log Downloads extension.
  • CMS Tree

    CMS Tree

    Easily manage your CMS pages as a tree structure with the CMS Tree extension. Define permissions depending on customer groups and create permanent redirect for URLs.
  • Attribute Option Pro

    Attribute Option Pro

    Associate images to your product attributes and options with Attribute Option Pro and display these images in your layered navigation. Easily sort options via drag & drop or alphabetically!
  • Admin Read Only

    Admin Read Only

    Configure read-only rules on products, categories and CMS pages in order to show them as read-only in your Magento admin.