Core - Magento Extensions by Bubbleshop

  • Require Login

    Require Login

    Use the Require Login extension to redirect all the guest users of your Magento website to the login page directly.
  • Admin Theme

    Admin Theme

    Modernize your Magento back-office in one click and choose among a couple of themes such as a flat orange design. Easily rollback to the default theme.
  • Stock Movements

    Stock Movements

    Keep a track of all the stock changes for each product with the Stock Movements extension for Magento.
  • Code Review

    Code Review

    Improve your source code quality and analyze its performance with the Code Review extension for Magento.
  • Log Downloads

    Log Downloads

    Log your products downloads in your Magento admin panel with the Log Downloads extension.
  • CMS Tree

    CMS Tree

    Easily manage your CMS pages as a tree structure with the CMS Tree extension. Define permissions depending on customer groups and create permanent redirect for URLs.
  • Queryfier


    Automatically add a query parameter to JS and CSS files with the Queryfier extension.
  • Debug


    Easily debug any Magento page by adding a simple query parameter at the end of your urls.