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Log your products downloads in your Magento admin panel with the Log Downloads extension.

Keep an eye on your products downloads!

Synthesize all your downloads in a detailed grid

  • Get precise information on each download (customer, date, product...)


The Log Downloads extension allows you to log the products downloads and keep track in your Magento admin panel.

It works for any downloadable product type such as music, book...

The extension is very easy to use. Once installed, everytime a customer downloads a product from his/her account in My Downloadable products, this creates a log in your Magento admin.

To see the downloads logs, you can go to Catalog > Product Downloads. There, a grid retrieves all the logs and includes some information on each download:

File name and title
Product SKU
Country, Region, City

Magento® Community Edition

    Magento® Enterprise Edition

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