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The Syntax Highlighting extension allows you to colorize and so to accentuate the HTML syntax on every WYSIWYG editors of your Magento admin.

Highlight the HTML syntax on WYSIWYG editors!

Get clear WYSIWYG editors

  • Easily enable or disable highlighting
  • Enjoy the extension for transactional emails and newsletter templates

Completely configure the extension according to your needs

  • Choose the theme you prefer among ten or so
  • Customize the extension appearance


You can easily configure the Syntax Highlighting extension to work according to your needs.

For this, go to System > Configuration > Wyomind > Syntax Highlighting. In the Settings tab, you'll find many options to configure.

Enable Syntax Highlighting: Enable or disable the extension.

Theme: Choose the theme you prefer for the Syntax Highlighting. You can visit to make your choice.

Indent Unit: Define how many spaces an indentation should contain. By default it is set to 4.

Show Line Numbers: Choose to display or not the line numbers in the WYSIWYG editors.

Enable Line Wrapping: Define whether CodeMirror should scroll or wrap for long lines. Defaults to false (scroll).

Auto Close Tags: Choose to auto-close XML tags when > or / is typed. This will also auto-close the nearest open tag.

Once you've configured the extension according to your needs, you'll be able to enjoy it anywhere you'll find WYSIWYG editors.

For product pages:

For CMS pages:

For newsletter templates:

For transactional emails:

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Magento® Enterprise Edition

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