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  • Magento Queryfier


    Force static files reloading in the end-user’s browser thanks to a variable that will be added to the HTTP request and that you can modify in admin panel.
  • Magento Require Login

    Require Login

    This Magento module allows you to redirect all guest users to the login page.
  • Magento Admin Theme

    Admin Theme

    Give a facelift to your Magento Admin.
  • Magento Log Downloads

    Log Downloads

    A Magento module for logging products downloads.
  • Magento Stock Movements

    Stock Movements

    A Magento module to save products stock movements.
  • Magento Debug


    Debug any Magento page easily by adding ?debug=1 query parameter in url.
  • Magento Slideshow


    Add a slideshow easily in any page of your store with this module.
  • Magento Syntax Highlighting

    Syntax Highlighting

    Add HTML syntax highlighting to Magento Admin.

Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)